The Music World And More React To The Passing Of George Michael At 53

Getty Image / Twitter

Christmas Day brought the shocking death of another major name in 2016 as George Michael passed away at the age of 53. The details behind his passing are still coming out, but his publicist said that the pop icon passed away peacefully in his home. Given the timing and the history involved with Michael, many were quick to share their thoughts and wishes over his career. Many from the music world and other celebrities shared their shock online, while fans also chipped in to show what the artist meant to them.

The music world did hesitate to call George Michael a talent, pointing to his voice and abilities as a singer but also to his presence on the stage. This includes his years with Wham, his iconic solo career, and his numerous musical partnerships over the years. Names like Brian Wilson, Bryan Adams, and Duran Duran all spoke highly of the late pop star:

The music world obviously wasn’t alone in celebrating the memory of Michael in the wake of his death. Hollywood and Great Britain’s biggest stars all took to social media, including James Corden and Jordan Peele — Peele being special thanks to Michael’s influence on his recent film Keanu.

Finally many fans and members of the media, including a few of our own, pitched in to celebrate Michael and hope that this is the end of the high profile deaths in 2016. If we can make it past this week, some of them might end up happy. Then again, time just keeps going and never stops, even for the most famous names out there:

We’ll continue to update this as more names share their thoughts and memories on Michael. Until then, the best thing to do might be to listen to some of his music and remember those moments that he helped turn into sign posts for a decade.