Get Jealous Over These Amazing Wu-Tang Inspired Birthday Cakes

I’m in awe of these Wu-Tang inspired birthday cakes. They come from New York bakestress Amirah Kassem via an exhibit titled ‘C.R.E.A.M.: Cake Rules Everything Around Me.’ From Fast CoDesign:

“Each piece was inspired by things that represent Wu-Tang to me,” Kassem tells Co.Design. “Things like Chinese takeout, karate, songs lyrics (particularly the ice cream song), the logo, chess, and other Wu-Tang related things, like the Killa Beez, all made it into the gallery.”

The cakes are meant to celebrate Wu-Tang’s 20th anniversary and cover everything you could want from the general Wu-dom that inhabits our world daily. The exhibition was put together after members found Kassem through Instagram and photographer Henry Hargreaves provided the imagery for the presentation.

I want these. I need these. Do they come sugar free? I’m trying to watch my figure!

Via Fast CoDesign / Henry Hargreaves

Via amirahkassem