Get To Know Sam Smith Before Louis C.K. Says His Name On ‘SNL’ Tonight

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03.29.14 7 Comments

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Sorry to disappoint everyone who was hoping otherwise, but Lorne Michaels made the regrettable choice to not let Louis C.K. to sing the Louie theme song during the musical guest portion of tonight’s SNL. Instead, that role will be filled by Sam Smith, which, who? Here’s everything you need to know about Smith so you don’t have to be THAT GUY who tweets, “Wait, I thought we were promised Steve Smith?” If only.

Age: 21
Hails from: England
Sounds like: soulful pop with dance beats
Word most often associated with him: crooner
Hit singles: “Lay Me Down” and “Money on My Mind”
Accolades: won the BBC Sound of 2014 poll
You might know him from: his work with Disclosure on “Latch”
Debut album: not out yet, at least in America; we have to wait until August

Also, he’s cousins with Theon Greyjoy, so make of that what you will.


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