You Haven’t Heard ‘Get Low’ Until You’ve Heard It Performed By A White Guy With An Acoustic Guitar

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.28.12 4 Comments

“Get Low,” the 2003 hit single by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz with Ying Yang Twins, is a great song. There’s beauty in “Slide down that bitch a little bit then stop/Get back on the floor, catch your balance then drop” not heard since the glory days of the Great American Songbook. But even Harold Arlen was never able to write something as profound as, “If your ass want to act/You can keep your ass where you’re at.”

That’s why I like Dan Henig’s earnest cover that recently went viral, via Reddit — he stripped the track of its distracting production, and all that’s left is a man singing a stirring modern day love ballad, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. Just the way “’til the sweat drop down my balls” was meant to be sung.

(Via Reddit)

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