Here’s The Best Coed Undie Run Set To ‘Get Lucky’ Music Video You’ll See Today

I was to understand that we were on the tail end of “Get Lucky” song of summer fever, but thanks to the Colbert no-show and subsequent Pitchfork beatdown we’re experiencing a months later renaissance of sorts. By pure coincidence Wolf Byte Films just uploaded the music video to their own “Get Lucky” music video filmed during the Chapman University undie run from back in May and set in reverse.

Let’s just say that as much as I like Pharrell, sunsets, and French dudes in helmets, coeds in their underpants win the day. Bravo on the production quality guys who had to slave away walking backwards through packs of half-naked college kids.

Directed by Daniel Burke and Kevin Wolf, shot by Zane Schwartz and Johnny Wilcox.

WolfByteFilms via Reddit