Tyrese Announces TGT’s Breakup To The Surprise Of One Member

T.G.T., an R&B supergroup comprised of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank, are breaking up, according to Tyrese’s Instagram. This announcement came as a surprise to one member, Ginuwine, who was not happy, to say the least, that Tyrese made the announcement. The group comprised of the three solo stars released one album together, 2013’s Three Kings. 

Tyrese took to Instagram with a post about the news of the split. Here is some of the post:

“I’m sorry to break the news… TGT is done… Me and Tank are still movin… We will forever love our brother G as brothers… It’s only three of us we did one album it was epic… and now it’s over… the reason it worked is because our history and mutual respect… I don’t know I’m just shocked and disappointed that I’m even putting gup this post… #ThreeKingsNoMore

Shortly after, Ginuwine replied directly to Tyrese’s post.

@Tyrese wow really to post personal bizns s*** is a p**** move n**** why would you do that and since you wanna do that keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA lets get it!!!!!! be a f****** man not a lil boy talk to me call don’t try and manipulate the situation publicly wack wack wack of you. exactly why it is the way it is.

Both artists removed their posts, but, as everyone should know, screenshots live forever. Tyrese would post some follow-ups to his announcement shortly after deleting the initial IG post.

It appears that this group of former solo stars might have been doomed from the beginning; their egos would remain too large to function together long term.

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