Premiere: New Orleans Punks Gland Make Giving Up Sound Like A Movement On The Scuzz Blast ‘Dropout’

Contributing Writer

Gland make tossing up your hands and saying “screw it” sound powerful. On last year’s Neurotica — and across plenty of tiny, sweaty venues in their hometown of New Orleans — these four punks shouted “I’m not trying anymore!” so forcefully that it came off like a rallying cry. And now they’re back with more noisy, frenetic marching orders for people who might be considering giving a project another go.

“Dropout” meets admissions of not caring and f*cking up with a gang-shout of advice that you can probably guess from the title. The second track from their upcoming EP Is A Conspiracy is a raucous ode to not putting energy into things you don’t care about. Though the band claims to not care where their lives are going on the track, they at least took care to put together an excellent two-minute blast of a song about it.

And that’s not exactly surprising. It’s clear that the band care about some things, they’re just going about it in their own defiant way. They flashed Black Lives Matter posters and blew up a George Zimmerman stand-on in their music video for for their song “Cram It” and the first single off of Is A Conspiracy was an ode to self-love. As you can guess by the fevered pace of “Dropout,” they just don’t have time to waste on subjects that aren’t important to them.

Is A Conspiracy is out on June 2 via Community Records — which you might recognize as the home of other Uproxx faves like Sexy Dex and the Fresh. Pre-order it here.

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