Premiere: Gold Connections’ ‘Faith In Anyone’ Is A Scruffy, Windows-Down Jam

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Car Seat Headrest launched into the larger realm of indie rock awareness thanks to some new mixes of some old songs. So, it’s only fitting that Gold Connections — a band that CSH Will Toledo played with in college helmed by Toledo’s friend, rival and fellow Bill, Will Marsh — would reappear years after they first recorded with some re-worked songs and an eye on getting a little more love for their scruffy, slack-rock tunes.

And it’s a good thing they did. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a tune as insanely catchy as “Faith In Anyone.” The crashing guitars along with Marsh’s howl provide some of the best windows-down music of the year. Toledo –who is no stranger to unexpected team-ups — recently explained how the song came back to light years after it was first recorded.

“If you attended one of the rare Car Seat Headrest shows thrown in 2011-2012, it’s possible you heard us play this song,” Toledo said. “I think that makes it the oldest song on the EP, so it’s appropriate that it opens the record. I was never satisfied with the original mix when we recorded it in 2014. I overhauled it when I came back to it last year, and we were all surprised at how fresh it sounded.”

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