Goldlink, Tyler The Creator, Jay Prince’s Spooky ‘U Say’ Video Turns A Party Into A Mysterious Ritual

Goldlink, Tyler The Creator, and Jay Prince encounter a mysterious ritual in the new video for “U Say” from Goldlink’s new album, Diaspora. The video, directed by Nigerian music video director Santi, takes place in a crowded bar during a party that gets interrupted by several women who appear to be possessed. The women corner the three rappers after the frightened partygoers flee and dance around them before being chased from the room by a priest who appears out of nowhere, leaving the three men looking baffled.

On Diaspora, Goldlink takes inspiration from the various subsets and offshoots of African culture from around the world, so it’s only right that the video play around with imagery that suggests both Afro-Caribbean religious traditions and the symbols of colonization that have turned those traditions into unusual oddities. The nonplussed faces of the three entertainers evoke the ways in which African-American Black citizens have been cut off from those traditions, being just as confused by them as their would-be “savior,” the priest.

“U Say” is the third single from Diaspora, Goldlink’s sophomore album, after “Zulu Screams” and “Joke Ting.” Goldlink is joining Tyler The Creator on his Igor tour later this year.

Diaspora is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.