GOOD Music Is Throwing A Secret Show In LA With A Mysterious Hotline Involved

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When you call the number for GOOD Music’s secret show’s access hotline, I wouldn’t blame you for being a little confused — and slightly embarrassed. The husky woman’s voice that answers is vaguely reminiscent of those old phone sex hotline ads that used to air late night on cable, lending to the vibe of an illicit, underground transaction.

However, it could just be that was the goal all along. It’s a clever way to draw attention to the show while still maintaining the air of secrecy and skullduggery that would normally accompany such an endeavor. Even the advertisement for the phone number via the Instagram story of fashion designer Tremaine Emory (@denimtears) made for a weirdly under-the-table vibe.

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Unfortunately, when you’ve got a label as high-profile as GOOD Music, with Kanye West as founder and Pusha T as president, it’s hard to keep anything you do feeling small and intimate.

Even the recent signing of Chicago upstart Valee made headlines, so of course, a GOOD Music show — in Los Angeles of all places — will attract a certain level of attention, no matter what stalling tactics are used, but at least by utilizing this hotline, they can ensure that the venue, which will apparently be revealed later via text message after dialing the hotline, will be packed, but not riot-level packed.

As for details of the performers, there aren’t many. We do know that Teyana Taylor has been working on a Kanye West-produced album, as has Travis Scott. Meanwhile, Big Sean’s been pretty quiet lately (aside from his collaboration with Metro Boomin), so he might be due for a surprise release as well — if only to wash the aftertaste of I Decided away.

The only real way to find out is to dial in and suffer through the short, but kind of embarrassing message. Just don’t do it around any of your coworkers if you care what they might think.

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