Gorillaz’s New ‘Mixed Reality’ App Is Your Earlybird Ticket to ‘Humanz’

In case you somehow haven’t heard that Gorillaz have a new album coming out at the end of the month, the virtual band just dropped yet another reminder. They’ve shared songs from Humanz, created a real-life virtual experience, released a 3D music video, announced a TV show… Damon Albarn hasn’t rested in months, but he’s not about to start now. Ahead of the album’s April 28th release, the band unveiled what it’s calling a “mixed reality” app, which combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree environments to digitally immerse you in the band’s house.

The app allows users to explore the Gorillaz homestead and chat with 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel in their natural habitat. There’s apparently some plot to the adventure as well, since the app will be updated with additional story elements following its launch today. If the “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)” video didn’t satisfy your need to explore the group’s new digs, now is your best chance to get a real good look at the place, right on your phone. Perhaps most importantly, though, the app will also host the “Humanz House Party,” our first full listen of the album that we assume will take place closer to its release.

For a teaser of what the experience will be like, check out the app trailer above and the band’s 360-degree music video for “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)” below. Of course, you could also just download the app for Android or iOS and try it for yourself. Whatever you do, please pay attention to Gorillaz, because Albarn is running himself ragged and he could probably use some shut-eye.