Gorillaz Call Out Clint Eastwood For Ignoring Their Big Hit In A Reddit AMA

Gorillaz are celebrating album release day like any animated group of fiends would: wasting time on the internet. The two-dimensional characters of the band took to Reddit for an AMA, and they answered questions about their newest project, Humanz, along with their love for baths and cake.

One fan asked if Clint Eastwood had ever reached out to them after their 2001 song, “Clint Eastwood,” became their biggest hit. Russel, the larger, rounder drummer of Gorillaz, responded: “Nah man, kinda rude. But y’know, there’s still time. If you’re reading, Clint. Do the right thing.”

There’s still time. And hey, since Gorillaz are a huge fan of collaborating (Humanz boasts features from Vince Staples, Pusha T, D.R.A.M., Mavis Staples, Grace Jones and more), maybe they could even get Mr. Eastwood on their next album, or maybe even a remix of their original hit. However, Gorillaz must doesn’t come around too often. It took seven years to get Humanz, and Damon Albarn and company like to hone their craft. But in the AMA, the band were a little vague about getting back to the studio after touring.

“There’s always more music,” Russel said. “Keep your ears open and your eyes to the skies.” OK. Here are some more gems from the AMA:

Q: “What do you do when you can’t fall asleep? Do you have a special song that helps you fall asleep?”
A: “I punch myself in the face repeatedly until it goes dark.” — Murdoc

Q: “Is the band boxers, or briefs type of people?”
A: “Commando.” — All

Q: “After you’ve released music, are you able to go back and enjoy it from a purely listener’s perspective, or do you feel too critical of yourself to do so? How long after an album comes out before you can revisit it as a listener?”
A: “Nothing I like more than relaxing in a bath, listening to my own genius fill my ears while I sink down in the hot water. I’m in the bath right now. Better be careful not to drop the computer. Don’t try this at home, kids.” — Murdoc

Q: “What is your most memorable/craziest encounter with a fan?”
A: “A fan once threw me her knickers. They were a bit dirty so I washed them after the show and gave them back to her at the next show. Now she brings her laundry to every show. It’s becoming a bit of a burden, especially the hand wash only items. The recent warm weather has made drying easier, though. So I count my blessings.” – 2D

Check out the rest of the AMA here. After that, plan your trip to the Demon Dayz Festival and get creeped out by “Hallelujah Money” a few more times.

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