Experience The Magic Of Demon Dayz 2019 Through These Stunning GIFs

Now that the Gorillaz have expanded their reach from the 3D world and into the festival circuit, fans have been eagerly anticipating the event as something that really stands out from the rest of the crowd. The first annual Demon Dayz — named after the group’s best-selling, critically-acclaimed 2005 album, natch — took place in Margate, England, but this year’s came to the outskirts of Los Angeles, drawing a crowd more than eager to see Damon Albarn and co. bring their animated crew to life at an event of their own design.

While the super diverse and unusual lineup is half the draw for the event, of course, getting to see the Gorillaz — who are well-known for their stunning visuals — is the other half of the draw here.

In the spirit of all things animated, for those who weren’t able to attend, Uproxx was on the scene, documenting the festival, the fans, and the performances via everyone’s favorite new media component: the GIF. From Erykah Badu’s soul-rocking set, to the Gorillaz themselves, to all the accouterments of wrestling, amusement park rides, live billboard painting, and plenty of other eye-catching antics, check out what it was like to attend Demon Dayz 2018 through the stop-motion shots featured below.

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