The Gorillaz Are Premiering A New Song On BBC Radio 1 Tomorrow

Back in January, interactive virtual band Gorillaz, released “Hallelujah Money” exclusively via Uproxx Music after six long years without releasing any new music. Tomorrow, the band will premiere another new song on BBC Radio 1.

Damon Albarn, frontman of alternative rock band Blur, created Gorillaz alongside Jamie Hewlett back in 2001. The band, consisting of virtual characters 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russell Hobbs, have not released an album since 2011’s The Fall. The groundbreaking release of “Hallelujah Money,” which came right before Donald J. Trump’s earth-shattering inauguration, has left us eager to hear more, aside from a tracklist, about the upcoming new Gorillaz album.

Finally, tomorrow at 3 PM, Albarn will appear as a guest on BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam’s program to talk about the new album. Additionally, he has revealed that new Gorillaz music will be premiering tomorrow at 7:30PM also via BBC Radio 1. On Gorillaz’s YouTube page, they released a teaser for the new music to come tomorrow. Check it out below.

Since Gorillaz’s release of the politically-inspired “Hallelujah Money” in January, the band has been conjuring up lots of hype for their new album, including the announcement of their very own music festival called Demon Dayz to be held in Margate, England. Tomorrow’s release will continue the frenzy over new music from Gorillaz.

Take a look back at the video for “Hallelujah Money” below.