Gorillaz Debut A Propulsive New Song Featuring Snoop Dogg, ‘Hollywood’

It seems that Gorillaz are planning on releasing a new album in 2018, and at the very least, it also seems like they have some new songs they’re excited about. They started playing a new track called “Idaho” live last year, and at a recent show in Santiago, Chile, they busted out another fresh song, “Hollywood.”

It can be tough to make out what a song really sounds like from fan-shot concert videos, but this track seems to be synth-driven and have a head-bobbing dance beat. Albarn said one of the song’s collaborators wasn’t at the show, but he challenged fans to “see if you can work out who it is,” and the guest verse he was alluding to sure sounds exactly like Snoop Dogg.

That wouldn’t exactly be unprecedented: Snoop has worked with Gorillaz before, having appeared on “Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach,” from the band’s 2010 album Plastic Beach. Also, in a 2016 interview, Pos of De La Soul talked about working on the album that would ultimately be Humanz, and said that they ran into Snoop in the studio.

Albarn previously spoke about the song in an interview with Billboard at the end of last year, saying:

“I’ve done quite a lot [of writing]. I performed a song that I wrote in Idaho called ‘Idaho’ in Seattle and Los Angeles. Another song called ‘Hollywood’ which I recorded in Hollywood, which we rehearsed, but we didn’t feel that it was ready. I’ve got a couple more that I might try tomorrow, but we’re running out of time anyway. But um, no, yeah, no. I’ve been doing that a lot. Yeah, it’s great.”

Watch Gorillaz perform “Hollywood” above.