You Can Find Gorillaz In The Club With Vince Staples And Savages’ Jehnny Beth In Their ‘Strobelite’ Video

As they are wont to do, Gorillaz have created a fleshed out cinematic universe for themselves in the music videos for the Humanz album. They got a new home in the “Saturnz Bars (Spirit House)” clip, for example, but in their latest video foray, for “Strobelite,” they’re keeping it simple by going to a disco and just dancing the night away.

The band finds themselves in a neon-lit club when the Peven Everett-featuring track starts to play, at which point Noodle gets up to dance and brings 2-D along with her. The rest of the clip pretty much goes back and forth between Everett singing, the aforementioned Gorillaz dancing, Murdoc being a grump, and Russel not having much of a presence in the video at all beyond the opening shots; As one Youtube commenter put it, “When they realize they don’t have a Russel [3D] model yet, so they just leave him out of the video.” At least Vince Staples and Savages’ Jehnny Beth, both of whom appear on Humanz, pop up for some quick cameos.

2-D has really been in the mood for dancing lately, since the band’s recent video for non-album track “Sleeping Powder” also features the cartoon vocalist getting down.

Watch the video for “Strobelite” above.