Damon Albarn Says Gorillaz Might Release A Surprise New Album Like ‘The Fall’

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After a long and full promotional cycle, Gorillaz’ latest album Humanz has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the band is going away any time soon. Remember when they released their 2010 album The Fall with just five days notice, just months after their previous record from that year, Plastic Beach? Now, it sounds like Damon Albarn wants to do that again.

The band is currently on tour, and in a recent interview with Q (via NME), Albarn says that this could be the perfect opportunity to release a new album quickly and get to playing the songs live right away:

“I really like the idea of making new music and playing it live almost simultaneously. It will be a more complete record than The Fall, but hopefully have that spontaneity.”

Albarn also addressed the band’s next tour, saying that he doesn’t want to wait too long for it, and that he’s excited about incorporating evolving hologram technology into the shows:

“We’ve been discussing ideas for a new kind of live show. If we’re going to do more with Gorillaz, we don’t want to wait seven years because, y’know, we’re getting on a bit now. We’re excited but we need to get these shows finished first. You never know what’s around the corner. My dream of being able to see holograms of real people onstage is close now. That was the idea at the beginning. We’ve been very patient and we don’t have that long left.”

It sounds like news of a new Gorillaz record could drop any minute now, but in the meantime, revisit the band’s most recent video, for “Strobelite,” here.

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