Gorillaz Share A Psychedelic Live Performance Video For ‘Tranz’

If you’re a person who enjoys new content from Gorillaz, then the past year or so has been very kind to you, because the band has definitely been making up for lost time (aka the seven years between The Fall and Humanz). The group released Humanz last April, followed by a ton of videos. Gorillaz also announced Demon Dayz Festival, their own fest with an eclectic lineup. Following the active Humanz album cycle, Damon Albarn was still feeling industrious, so a few months ago, he quickly followed that record up with another new one, The Now Now. That means a whole slew of new stuff, and the latest is a fresh video for “Tranz.”

The video charts new ground for the virtual band, in that it’s their first live performance video, and the first live performance by the characters themselves since their MTV EMA performance in 2010. It’s a pretty psychedelic clip, as the band plays in front of colorful ever-changing backgrounds, a perfect fit for the hazy, krautrock-inspired track.

While The Now Now is a lot less guest-heavy than its predecessor, Gorillaz recently let some collaborators in on the fun, via remixes of “Humility” from Superorganism and DJ Koze.

Watch the video for “Tranz” above, and revisit our interview with Gorillaz singer 2-D here.

The Now Now is out now via Parlophone. Get it here.