Gorillaz Are Finally Getting The TV Show We’ve Been Waiting For

If any cartoon band should have its own TV show, Gorillaz seems like a prime candidate. It’s actually surprising that hasn’t happened yet, but it looks like that won’t be the case for much longer. In an interview from tomorrow’s issue of Q Magazine, Jamie Hewlett said that he’s working on a 10-episode series about the band, as Fact reports.

There’s no word yet on what format the show will take, where it will air, how involved Damon Albarn will be, or any details like that. However, we do know that the band has a rich and established universe that gives Hewlett plenty to work with. The group’s music videos have seen the group dealing with a zombie uprising, avoiding the cops in a high-speed chase, just hanging out at home, and involving themselves in other hijinks that could make for excellent television.

Gorillaz also shared a series of social media “books” late last year detailing what the band members had been up to during the time between the events of Plastic Beach and Humanz, so perhaps the show could incorporate those narratives as well.
Whatever the case, we’re thankful this is finally happening, even if it’s long overdue. While we await more news on that front, revisit the band’s most recent music video, for “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House),” below.