Ranking The Best 2018 Grammy Performances, From Kesha To Kendrick Lamar

01.29.18 12 months ago 7 Comments

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The past year has been emotional for many, to say the least. While that seems like it would lend itself to some powerful Grammy performances last night (and it did), that also made it difficult for any of them to stand out: They were almost all profoundly impactful, and while a number of them would have been easily the best performance any other year, some truly great on-stage moments may have been overshadowed by the crowd of inspiration in which they existed this year.

That said, there were definite standouts, so let’s rank them (and if you’re not caught up, check out the full list of last night’s winners here):

10. Rihanna, DJ Khaled, and Bryson Tiller — “Wild Thoughts

Credit to DJ Khaled for being so darn likable that we let him recite hollow nuggets of inspiration and shout his name on stage at the Grammys. That said, Rihanna was the star of this Latin-flavored performance, dominating the stage with her signature sensual energy and idiosyncratic vocals that have led to her ubiquity over the past decade.

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