This Grandma Thinks Your Prized Yeezy Sneakers Are ‘Stupid-Looking’ Trash

01.16.16 2 years ago

Kanye West of all people should know that everyone’s a critic. Still, we have to wonder how he’d feel if he saw this video that places his Yeezy Boost 350s at the crossroads of three major internet obsessions (grandmas reacting to stuff, unboxings, and shoe hype).

Among the sharper critiques leveled by this granny are that the shoes are “very clumsy and stupid-looking” and that the derelicte color-scheme is “crappy.” She goes on to say that Kanye’s “style is terrible” before adding that a pair of Yeezys “sounds like nothing, looks like nothing, it’s nothing.” Ultimately, gran asks the gift-giver to take the shoes back, but ends on a personal message for Kanye West.

“I’m sorry, Kanye West. I love your rapping. But…I didn’t even know you were a designer.”

I’m sure there are level-headed Yeezy lovers out there that are willing to admit that taste is subjective and just move on, but even those fans will probably feel their blood pressure spike after checking out this other video of a skateboarder intentionally destroying his $800 Yeezys.

Of course there’s a lot of Kanye news going around that doesn’t require us to head down the path to the Dark Side. “Facts” is but a distant memory and “Real Friends” is still great (not to mention all of the original G.O.O.D. Friday tracks that are still worth your earspace.)

(Via Mashable)

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