This Person’s Grandparents Totally Look Like Taylor Swift And Hugh Hefner

I wish I had more context for this photo, which was uploaded to imgur and then posted on Reddit Wednesday night, where user christmaspencil writes: “When your grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner’s brother.” Not just his brother, but Hugh Hefner himself. In fact, I know this isn’t Taylor Swift because she’s not wearing her trademark bright red lipstick, and also because this picture was clearly taken in the 1970s before she was even born. (Also that hair, lol.)

But I actually went back through photo archives to make sure this wasn’t, in fact, Hugh Hefner — which it’s not because Hugh Hefner looked like this in the ’70s. Amazing. Who knew that the biological offspring (and grand-offspring) of Taylor Swift and Hugh Hefner doppelgangers were out there, just living their lives. Learn something new everyday.

(Via Reddit)

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