Great News, Ladies Stuck In 2000: O-Town Is Back With A Brand New Single

The comeback single has worked for the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block (several times), so maybe it’ll work again for O-Town. After all, we’re probably never going to witness an actual N*Sync reunion, at least not as long as Justin Timberlake is one of the most beloved people on Earth, so there’s still a great void in the hearts of turn of the millennium boy band groupies. So that must be why four of the original five O-Town members have reunited to bring us their new single, “Skydive.” Well, that and the fact that they probably weren’t doing anything else except watching Wild Things: Foursome, which starred Ashley Parker Angel as Carson Wheetly in an erotic mystery-thriller.

As for the single, though, Angel is that missing fifth member, but the band wants everyone to know that it’s not because they resent him for his lukewarm success in straight-to-DVD softcore acting. It just wasn’t the right time for all five of them to get together.

“Just time and location didn’t work and this deal that came past … just seemed to be the best timing for majority. And because it was 10 years, we got to the question, ‘Do we not do it at all because we are not five or do we just do it as four?’ ” Jacob said, then focusing on Angel. “We are not angry. He just didn’t want to do it right now. And the fans, because we had started this about two years ago, and they had been asking. We kind of felt like now was the good time.” (Via MTV)

Exactly, it’s all about the fans. And if you believe the words of the fans who registered comments on this new single, they couldn’t be happier. Sure, it’s kind of sad that someone actually wrote, “I’ve waited 12 years for this,” but hey, someone’s gotta be happy other than these guys who aren’t Ashley Parker Angel.