Here Are 109 Iconic Movie Characters Performing Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’

It’s been 22 years since Green Day brought their song “Basket Case” into the world. It was a big hit, topping Billboard’s Modern Rock charts for five weeks, and it helped put Green Day on the map for a lot of music fans. When a song has been around for as long as “Basket Case” has, it’s hard to breathe some life into it. However, an internet video has managed to do that, thanks to the power of film.

The above video from The Unusual Suspect brings life to the classic ’90s track thanks to quickly cut clips from a few iconic movies. And by a few, we mean 109 different films. That is a needless level of ambition, but that only makes it that much more impressive.

Throughout the 109 movies and characters, you will see all sorts of different movies and, yes, few of them have anything to do with music. Sure, Whiplash has a connection to the music world, but Platoon? Not so much. Even if you don’t like the song “Basket Case” — which we would ask “where is your heart” — the video is well put together and pretty amusing. Who would have thought Dookie would still be so present all these years later?