Green Day Return To Their Cali Punk Roots On ‘Revolution Radio’

A true gift to the angsty teenager who still lives deep inside of you, Green Day‘s newly released song ‘Revolution Radio’ acts as a time machine back to the days of sardonic Hot Topic t-shirts and black jelly bracelets.

The new punk banger is the title track of the band’s upcoming 12th studio album, which is set to drop in full on October 7. Full of powerful percussion and reverb-y vocals by Green Day’s frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, “Revolution Radio” is reminiscent of their early 2000s chart topping hits. For those of us who subscribed to the scene kid archetype during our formative years (no matter how well adjusted we were), the song is evocative of all the punk music that made us that way in the first place. Possessing the same energy and anthemic spirit of hits from Green Day’s past, “Revolution Radio” sounds as if it could have been produced circa 2004 alongside the ever iconic melodies of “American Idiot” or “Holiday.”

The head banging beat, which is probably synonymous with your favorite punk anthems from the turn of the millennium, is made more so by the song’s lyrics. Following the same anti-establishment narrative that the grand majority of later-stage Green Day’s songs maintain, “Revolution Radio” as Armstrong puts it in the first verse is, “a rebel’s lullaby.”

Check out what’s sure to be your favorite new punk anthem on Spotify and its supplementary lyric video. Also catch the band on their world tour when it kicks off September 20.