Check Out Greta Van Fleet’s Gloriously Over The Top New Rock Single ‘When The Curtain Falls’

Travis Shinn

Every few years, a new band emerges that critics and fans boost and hype as the next “Saviors Of Rock.” The latest beneficiary of that guitar-loving hype machine is the Michigan-quartet Greta Van Fleet. Who knows whether they’ll be able to ascend to the same lofty heights as their forebears of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, but let me tell you this, they buzz is very well deserved. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the first single from their upcoming debut album, a gloriously over-the-top, classic rock cut titled “When The Curtain Falls.”

Greta Van Fleet rose to prominence just last year after dropping a pair of well-received EPs titled Black Smoke Rising and From The Fires, that had many comparing the band to the mighty Led Zeppelin. With singer Josh Kiszka donning a pretty airtight facsimile of Robert Plant’s signature “Whole Lotta Love” wail, and his brother Jake kicking out riffs and solos with a Jimmy Page-esque flavor it’s not hard to see why. As our own Steven Hyden put it, “Perhaps I’m an enormous sap for hoping that Greta Van Fleet can produce a Physical Graffiti seven years from now. But I can’t be mad at kids who were born around the time that Walking Into Clarksdale came out for being this good at creating a feisty bustle in your hedgerow.”

You can check out Greta Van Fleet’s new song “When The Curtain Falls” in the video above.