Grimes And Janelle Monae Are Flame-Wielding Warriors In The ‘Venus Fly’ Video

It shouldn’t need to be said at this point, but Grimes is an odd bird. Most of her music sounds like a technicolor pop freakout pre-school. And given that she produces everything she releases herself, it can be hard to grasp exactly where all these noises are coming from.

I think the newly released video for “Venus Fly” has given us the answer. Grimes edited and directed the clip for the Janelle Monae-assisted Art Angels track and it’s about as close a glimpse into how the Canadian electronic artist sees her song as we’re going to get. In short, when Grimes plays this dance-floor dressing down for herself, she sees badass pagan warrior women brandishing flaming swords at anyone who would dare cross them. It isn’t my first thought on hearing the song, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t imagine anything fitting better.

“Sometimes it feels futile to be making art in this cruel and extreme political climate, but some of the brightest moments of the last few months for me and for a lot of you, I suspect, have come from seeing [Janelle Monáe’s] amazing and positive vision of the future, especially when we are being introduced to so many possible dystopian futures,” Grimes said of the video in a preview posted yesterday (February 1). “Thanks to for giving so much time, energy and creativity to this project. As a director editor, creative director I also feel like is my strongest work.”

Given what we’re seeing here, it’s hard to argue with her.

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