Grimes Says Her New Album Is Being Delayed Because The ‘Music Industry Is Trash’

Grimes’ most recent album, Art Angels, came out in 2015, and if it was up to her, its follow-up would find its way into the world pretty soon. Based on her recent social media activity, though, it looks like she might not have enough say in the matter to make that so.

A couple weeks ago, she wrote on Twitter that he next album could be out this spring, but that fall is more “realistic.” As Consequence Of Sound notes, though, something must have happened between now and then, because Grimes seems a lot less optimistic about her next record. A Reddit user noticed yesterday that Grimes had updated the Instagram photo at the top of this post, which was uploaded on December 17th, to read, “welp no music any time soon after all music industry is trash.” The post’s caption has since been removed.

She then took to Twitter to clarify what she meant (some of those posts have also been deleted). One user speculated that Grimes’ album has been delayed “because of label/management reasons,” to which Grimes responded, “no problems w management.” In fact, Grimes had a lot of praise for Roc Nation, with which she signed in 2013, writing in a pair of now-deleted tweets:

“Actually, seriously wanna say for those suspecting Roc: The only reason Grimes exists is Roc Nation continuously saving my ass from wack people who took advantage of my youth/naïveté early in my career. I’ll stan them forever they go above and beyond for me every time.

For everyone who talks sh-t on Jay-Z, he had me come over and play him Art Angels before it was done, always encouraged, and made me promise to follow my heart and never worry that Roc Nation wants me to be anything I’m not. The rumor they are controlling me is so opposite of reality.”

In two more tweets, she explained that there’s been “some seriously f-cked up and crazy sh-t” going on throughout her career that he hasn’t spoken about for legal reasons, and then expressed regret that she even brought this up at all:

“I’m solving it. I just have to take one last hit. It sucks, but I’d rather not make fans suffer through more unexplained drama. There’s some seriously f-cked up and crazy sh-t going behind the scenes in my career this whole time I’ve never spoken of to protect myself legally.

I shouldn’t have said anything publicly, I’m sorry. It’s a luxury to be an artist, the greatest luxury in earth. I won’t complain again.”

At this point, it’s unclear when we can expect Grimes’ next album to come out, although based on her previous statements, it at least seems like it’s finished or close to it.