Grimes Says Her New Album Could Be Out In Spring, But ‘Realistically Fall’

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It’s been a wild past six years for Grimes. Since the release of her insta-classic 2012 album Visions, she’s ascended from beloved fringe artist to one of the brightest beacons of independent music. Most of this hinges on the quality of her craft, which is adventurous, strange, fun, and all around captivating. But some of the success has to be attributed to Grimes as a public figure, whose personality makes her a joy to follow in the music world, and has strengthened the bond that she possesses with her many fans.

That’s why she’s not beholden to the typical album rollout, where everything is secretive and calculated and feels distinctly like a marketing ploy. No, Grimes is just going to tell us what’s up via Twitter. In a post commemorating the six-year anniversary of Visions, she dropped the announcement that her next album should be out this year, noting that spring is that target, but fall is more realistic.

The next Grimes album will be the follow-up to 2015’s Art Angels. Indeed, three albums in six years is a pretty respectaible production rate, and it’s not keeping Grimes enjoying things outside of music, like The Last Jedi and playing Bloodborne with Purity Ring.

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