Watch Grimes Tease A New Song From Her Upcoming Album On Twitter

On Thursday morning, Grimes tweeted a one-minute teaser of a song off her upcoming unnamed album. The self-recorded photobooth video shows Grimes singing along to the intro of an unreleased song. The song features resounding ethereal vocals showcasing Grimes’ range and vibrato. Although the song begins with eerie synths, the beat drop is lighter and far less gritty or industrial than previously released power-pop single “We Appreciate Power.”

Back in June, Grimes eluded on Twitter to a song on her new album titled “So Heavy I Feel Through The Earth” in which she used “top secret synth of which there is only [one] in the world.” In a deleted tweet Thursday, Grimes shared lyrics to the teased song:

“O…silly love
Coming here
When I said go..
Weigh me down,
o love ..
Me now.
O love ,
So heavy I fell thru the earth_”

The video gave no information about the release date of her highly anticipated album. Grimes did confirm on Twitter that this song will be on the new album, and that it is a “ballad” and “not a single” so we most likely won’t hear the full-version until “late.”

The teaser comes a month and a half after the release of her single, “We Appreciate Power,” along with an AI-inspired lyric video. Grimes shared a Nightcore remix of “We Appreciate Power” earlier this week.

The teaser points to a return of the softer, blissed-out elements of Grimes’ second studio album, Halfaxa. The tweeted video of “So Heavy I Feel Through the Earth” marks the third teaser video posted by Grimes on Twitter. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more new music coming from her slowly but surely.