Grizzly Bear’s ‘Four Cypresses’ Is A Fractured Take On Home Movies

Grizzly Bear shared a new video in the middle of the night. And while it’s not exactly Unedited Footage Of A Bear levels of odd, the glitchy montage of home video footage that make up “Four Cypresses”, coupled with the harmonies laid down by the Brooklyn band, is appropriately dream-like.

The song sounds drifts and twists in odd directions, like half-formed thoughts before you fall asleep. Fittingly, the so-called “lyric video” cobbled from actual VHS footage of band member Daniel Rossen’s childhood home movies, is only half-concerned with presenting the actual lyrics. The words occasionally appear in an approximation of the camcorder timestamp font but the band is just as content to leave you with nothing but static and snatches of the sky and trees. Give it a watch up top. It’s just as good in the morning as it is late at night.

“Cypresses” is the latest track off of their upcoming album Painted Ruins, and it has that same consistent floating feeling as previous tracks like “Three Rings” and “Mourning Sound.” While we still have some burning questions about the band, any worries about a major-label deal somehow tamping down the band’s odder instincts can be put to bed.