Grizzly Bear’s Campy And Surreal ‘Losing All Sense’ Video Stars A Soaking Wet Busy Philipps

Grizzly Bear already dropped one of 2017’s strangest music videos a couple months ago with “Neighbors,” which includes everything from a woman covered in oversized cornflakes to a man embedded in a couch cushion. The band’s new video for “Losing All Sense” may not be quite that strange, but it’s still as surreal as you’d expect for a Grizzly Bear clip.

In the opening shot, we see feet — specifically, wearing a pair of open-toed heels and covered in plastic wrap — step out of a car. The woman’s red ankle-length dress is soaking wet, literally dripping water on the concrete beneath her. The character, who is quickly revealed to be played by actress Busy Philipps, meets some frenemies in a restaurant, and it only gets stranger from there.

Ed Droste told Dazed that he compares the video, directed by Cody Critcheloe of the band Ssion, to something by Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch:

“‘Losing All Sense’ felt like an upbeat, fun thing to release. The video is even more of a dichotomy – it’s like David Lynch meets the The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills meets Heathers or something. It’s kind of campy and dark and surreal. I’m so excited for it to come out. It’s starring my friend Busy Philipps, another friend Freckle who’s an actress and a prominent genderfluid figure, and others. […] It’s a real trip. It’s a jaunty song with a surreal, campy video with sad lyrics. It’s three vibes all mixed together.”

Watch the video for “Losing All Sense” above.