Grizzly Bear’s ‘Neighbors’ Is One Of The Most Bizarre Music Videos You’re Likely To See This Year

Today, indie rock darlings Grizzly Bear shared a brand new video for their latest single “Neighbors” and it is incredibly bizarre. Opening with a shot of some golden colored hills, the video tracks the progress of two different people, a man and a woman, as they blend into their different environments… literally.

With every changing scene, they each take on a different physical characteristic of the objects around them. As she’s near the sink washing dishes, the woman is shown covered in oversized cornflakes. As they’re both chilling out in the living room, he becomes embedded as a couch cushion, with his pinky up of course, because this is a classy film. Near the end, they both don outfits the same pattern as the wallpaper behind them.

“Neighbors” is just the latest new offering that the band has shared from their first new album in five years Painted Ruins, having already given their fans advanced previews of three other songs, “Four Cypresses,” “Mourning Sound,” and “Three Rings.”

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, singer Ed Droste, talked about how he consumes new music and how hopes fans will take in the new record. “Given that our albums aren’t necessarily like, you listen to it once and you love it, I always want to give an album at least five listens,” he said. “It unfolds upon you. You keep discovering things. I’m buying it and committing to it, and I want to at least give that much of my time and know whether it’s something I want to keep in my regular rotation or not, just like I would hope people would do the same for us.”

You can watch Grizzly Bear’s eyebrow-raising “Neighbors” video above.