Grizzly Bear Continue Teasing Their Return With Another Glitchy Snippet

Last week Grizzly Bear confirmed that their long-awaited new album will be coming soon by sharing a snippet of a new track. The brief color-warped video didn’t include any vocals and seemed to be far afield from the soothing folk the Brooklyn band are known for, but today they’ve followed it up with another clip that contains Ed Droste’s signature sweet harmonies. Listen above to hear the brief 27-second clip, which features another colorful, blurred video.

Though Grizzly Bear have yet to share any official news of an album, these two clips point to one coming later this year, which would be their first since 2012’s Shields. Last October they let fans know via Twitter that the record was 90% done, so it stands to reason that we’ll be hearing it sooner rather than later — six months is certainly enough time to get that last 10% down pat, right?

The group’s frontman has been posting on his own personal Instagram throughout their lengthy hiatus, but the band had wiped their own page clean, up until a couple days ago when it popped back up with the same initial snippet. Now, it contains this new teaser clip as well. At least their social understanding hasn’t diminished at all over the last half a decade. Stay tuned for more info.