Grizzly Bear Are Out Of Hibernation With Their First New Song Since 2012

Every three years, from 2006 (Yellow House) to 2009 (Veckatimest, a.k.a. the one with “Two Weeks”) to 2012 (Shields), indie dreamers Grizzly Bear released a critically acclaimed new album. But 2015 came and went without a peep from Ed Droste & Co., and the same thing almost happened in 2016, until this update on the band’s official Twitter account: “Album 90 percent done. Last update until you hear it.” That was in October; this year, we’ll finally hear it.

Probably? There’s still no release date, or even an album title, but Grizzly Bear has been releasing cryptic teasers on YouTube, and according to the appropriately named Gorilla vs. Bear, the group has finally released a new single: “Three Rings.” That’s the good news. The bad news? The song — which G vs. B describes as a “lush and emotionally intense jam that feels like a welcome nod to majestic, beloved Yellow House vibes” — is only available if you live in Japan, Australia, or New Zealand. This one’s for you, Ricky Baker.

If you do live in one of those counties, listen to the song here. The rest of us will have to wait. Hopefully this time it won’t take three years, if not longer.

UPDATE: here’s “Three Rings” for everyone.

(Via Gorilla vs. Bear)