These Groomsmen Surprised A Bride With An Unreal Dance-Off Medley

Groomsmen dances are usually humbling experiences that are meant to be funny. The guys you know to be shy or macho bust out of their shell and do their best Michael Jackson impression or something fun that everyone can get a laugh out of. The video above is decidedly NOT that, and is nothing short of incredible. The Henning-Tellmann wedding took place last month in Richmond, Va., but the video of this dance-off is just now growing viral, and for good reason.

Kirk Henning and his now-wife Valerie Tellmann-Henning are professional ballet dancers, and, in fact, the two got hitched on the very floor that they’ve performed on multiple times. With this in mind, Kirk decided to throw together not just one song to dance to, but an entire routine with props and all. But only a few of the groomsmen were dancers, the rest are family members. It’s pretty easy to point out who is who and root for those dudes. (We see you, big guy. Crush it!)

Starting out with a fine, but maybe predictable choice of “Uptown Funk,” the guys kick things in high gear with “Danger Zone,” “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” “Bailando,” and so many more, with props included.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Kirk filmed tutorials and sent them out months in advance to nail the routine. While the finished product is wildly impressive, I can happily say that I’ve never been happier that my friends are slobs.

(via YouTube)