Four Kids Formed A Band Named The Runaway Hamsters To Raise Money For Their Friend With Cancer

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Runaway Hamsters

Take it back, take it all back: the Runaway Hamsters have the best album of the year.

A group of kids in Boise decided to record an album and give all of the proceeds to help fight cancer and help those in need. The group of kids are siblings, 9-year-old Isabella, and 8-year-old triplets – Abby, Gabby, and Riley Keen. They make up the Runaway Hamsters. (Via)

Good, I’ve been looking for an excuse to squeeze my Del Shannon and hamster dance tattoos together.

Earlier this year, something happened in their lives that threw these musicians off beat. On April 1, 2013, doctors diagnosed their friend Matt Dittrich with cancer.

“He has a tumor in his brain and it’s hard for him to speak and he lost all of the hair on his head. He’s bald now,” said Gabby. “And it’s hard for him to walk too. He has to use a wheelchair.”

Their parents fronted the money to record a CD (“THEY’RE A BUNCH OF LENA DUNHAMS”), which you can buy on the Hamsters’ Facebook page. Proceeds will be donated to the Mountain States Tumor Institute and the Children’s Hospital in Boise. So far, they’ve raised $1,200, which can’t even support’s Riley’s cocaine addiction. Purchase it here.

(Via KTVB)

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