Gucci Mane Discusses ‘The Power Of Snitching’ And Why He’s Not Surprised When It Happens

Gucci Mane just released his new album, Woptober II, and as part of the promotional cycle behind the record, he stopped by Hot 97 Studios for a conversation with Ebro. During their chat, they two discussed “the power of snitching,” as Mane put it.

Starting at around 8:12 into the video, Ebro says that in a previous conversation, Mane told him that he’s “not surprised by all of the snitching going on in the streets,” and Mane responded, “No. No, I one hundred percent was not surprised.”

He then spoke some about his own time in jail, saying, “I had went to county jail, and I had did like three stints of maybe six months. […] It’s always county jail, it was never prison. So when I did go to prison, I went to federal prison. It was an education I got there, because people aren’t prepared with the guidelines with how the federal court system goes about doing things, and I didn’t know either until I went there. Once I went through that, it made me grateful for my freedom. Second, I got an education on the laws and how they go.”

Mane continued, “Once you been in the feds, […] you understand the power of snitching, because everybody snitches. That’s why they got a conviction rate of ninety-eight percent. Everybody who goes to the feds, they either plead guilty or they tell. There’s no fighting trial and people beating it. […] You can pay, get out of jail, and snitch forever. In the rap game, managers, drivers, artists, the people are doing it. They did it to me.”

Tekashi 69 was not mentioned by name during the conversation, but the term “snitch” has most famously and widely been applied to him in recent months. Tekashi has been called a snitch or been accused of snitching by people including 50 Cent, Meek Mill, YG, and Snoop Dogg.

Watch the full conversation above.