Gucci Mane Reunites With His Day One Collaborator Zaytoven For ‘GucTiggy’ EP

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The newly free and skinny Gucci Mane is wasting no time getting back up to his old, legendarily prolific ways. Fans who have had a Guwop-shaped hole in their playlists can rejoice, for our cone runneth over with new tracks. He’s already released an album (and accompanying documentary) in Everybody Looking and now he’s dropped a four-track EP with fellow Atlanta institution Zaytoven called GucTiggy. And this isn’t the only stunt he’s pulled today — earlier he posted an epic Instagram of himself decked out in Alexander McQueen.

Back to the music. The four tracks on GucTiggy don’t really have anything resembling hooks. It mostly just sounds like Zay and Gucci enjoying the fact that they can be in a studio together and that joy is infectious. Plus, “The difference is I don’t sneak diss, man, I name names/ A Different World so I wear glasses like Dwayne Wayne” on “GucTiggy Vol. 1” is primo Gucci. It both explains the way that he’s re-emerged from prison and found out he’s an elder statesman and highlights Guwop’s biggest skill, bouncing words off of each other like Super Balls.

While I doubt we’ll ever get a whole month dedicated to Gucci like Woptober, if he keeps this up there’s no reason that he won’t deserve a half-day where we all go home and listen to The State Vs. Radric Davis on repeat.