Guess Which ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Was A CBGB Punk Star

Annie Golden plays kitchen staff mute Norma on Orange Is the New Black, but many years ago, she was a CBGB regular who would later record the most 1980s song ever for a John Hughes film soundtrack. Golden was the lead singer of power-pop band the Shirts — they released three very good, very hook-heavy albums between 1978 and 1980, and even opened for Television and Talking Heads.

The group broke up in 1981, but Golden continued to perform, and she had her biggest hit in 1984 when “Hang Up the Phone” was included on the Sixteen Candles soundtrack. It’s really dumb and absurdly catchy, like if Cyndi Lauper covered “Let’s Go the Mall.” Here’s the music video.

Sure beats “I Saw the Light.”

Via Spin