Gun Outfit’s ‘Sally Rose’ Video Is A Driving Psych-Folk Ode To The Classic American West

10.24.17 1 year ago

Gun Outfit’s upcoming album Out Of Range has previously been described as a mythical and psychedelic voyage into the desert of the southwestern United States, and thus far, the band has captured that aesthetic to a T. The group just shared a new video for “Sally Rose,” and it’s par for the course, a fast-paced Neil Young-like jam set to imagery of vintage and brown America.

“It’s a little mean, a little boogie,” the band’s Carrie Keith, who directed the video, says of the song. That’s accurate, but there’s nothing mean about the accompanying visuals, which include washed out clips of rock climbing, fireworks, horse racing, and Keith walking around in the desert, a throwback cowboy oasis, a hazy escape from the contemporary world.

Out Of Range comes out on November 10th via Paradise Of Bachelors. Watch the video for “Sally Rose” above, and find Gun Outfit’s upcoming tour dates below.

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