Guns N’ Roses Philadelphia Concert Reportedly Turned Into A Drunken Mess Of Feces

It hasn’t been long since Kenny Chesney showed up in Pittsburgh and left a pile of drunken fans covered in garbage in his wake. It was an prime example of excess in concert goers, especially when it’s hot outside. But not to be outdone, Guns N’ Roses fans attempted to outdo their cross-state rivals by bringing their debauchery into the show.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, the nastiness got started rather quickly and one woman fell victim within the first hour of the show — which started on time apparently:

Seriously, was there anyone at the Guns N’ Roses show that wasn’t completely inebriated? People were pretty clearly trying to relive their 20s, and it didn’t appear to be going well based on the number of middle agers I saw getting sick or on the verge of it.

One woman fell down drunk and pooped her pants, and that was within the first hour of the show. Excessive drinking, excessive heat, and excessive crowds are not a good combination.

There’s also the idea of sitting down at a rock concert being suggest in the article, making me question if people even know how to rock anymore. Sammy Hagar is weeping in his tequila. At least the band showed up and played a decent show.

(via Bro Bible & Philadelphia Magazine)