Report: Guns N’ Roses Will Head For A Stadium Near You After Its Coachella Reunion

The Hollywood Reporter believes
, thanks to the grace of their sources, that rock legends Guns N’ Roses will, indeed, reunite at Coachella in April 2016 following weeks of speculation, bringing Axl Rose and Slash together for the first time since 1993. It’s being called the ultimate Bucket Head freeze out (by me, anyway) and a shocking development that many had hoped for, but that few had actually expected. Keep in mind, of course, that we’re a long way to April, though the band isn’t merely looking at this as a one-off according to the same report.

What’s the motivation? Sonic friendship? The realization that the collective pieces have never and will never come so close to the perfection that they reach when together? Probably, but a rumored $3 million per-gig stadium tour has to have its own kind of magnetic pull and a built-in guard against some kind of flaky departure from Axl or Slash before this reunion can get consummated.

The supposed tour is said to include the Las Vegas Arena and up to 25 football stadiums across North America. How much will it cost you to be brought down to your knnn knne knees, knees? They’re gonna make you bleed $250-275 per ticket. But what price is too high to take a sojourn to your rebel youth? And also, after losing rock royalty like Scott Weiland and Lemmy over the last few weeks, don’t you feel the need to latch on to your idols whenever possible to savor their unique brand on mayhem and magic? I know I do.

(via THR)