Guns N’ Roses Launch Their ‘Not In This Lifetime’ Stadium Tour In Style

Guns N’ Roses (new “classic” edition) continue to shatter expectations by… well, not bursting into flames and starting riots. Not only has this reunion trek already been successfully launched, frontman Axl Rose has managed to get injured and take up a part-time job with things still operating smoothly. It’s almost like Guns N’ Roses hung out with the dolphins from the “Estranged” video and got some group counselling.

GNR brought that momentum to Detroit last night for the kickoff date of the band’s Not In This Lifetime stadium tour of North America. Sensibly, the Sunset Strip icons trotted out a number of gems from their discography, including a roaring rendition of “Welcome to the Jungle.” Not only is it a rock classic, but it also provides the valuable service of letting people know where they are. (In this case: The jungle, which apparently is just LOADED with fun n’ games. Like a Discovery Zone, one reckons.) Naturally, video of this 2016 take on the FM staple has bubbled up online and we have it nestled at the top of this very post.

In case you were curious, the rest of the set wasn’t a surprise run of exclusively Chinese Democracy cuts. The setlist pinballed through assorted GNR eras (“Sweet Child O’ Mine” was nuzzled up beside “Better,” for example) and provided a healthy assortment of covers that ranged from Wings (of course) to The Who. Axl’s up and out of Dave Grohl’s throne now, so you can expect a bit of mobility when this summer tour hits your town.

(via NME)