The Guys From Fall Out Boy Are Bringing You ‘Fall Out Bird’ Because Enough Already

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Now that Flappy Birds has gone the way of the dodo, app designers everywhere are trying to design knock-off time-wasting games to cash in on that $50,000 a week that Dong Nguyen claimed he was making with his pain-in-the-ass game. First came Flappy Doge, then there was Flappy Bryan featuring the WWE’s fan favorite Daniel Bryan, and now there’s even Flappy Bert for the Sesame Street fans. Or, if money is no object to you, you could just go on eBay and purchase someone’s iPhone that has Flappy Bird installed, all for the low, reasonable price of $1,500.

Of course, if none of those options tickle your fancy, the gentlemen from Fall Out Boy have developed Fall Out Bird for you to get your fill of aggravatingly difficult thumb-tapping and pop punk sing-along anthems. And if that doesn’t meet your needs, then go outside and build a car or something.

(Image via IGN)

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