Gwen Stefani Tries To Explain Her ‘Colbort’ Blunder To Seth Meyers

There isn’t really much to explain about Gwen Stefani’s goof up of Stephen Colbert’s name at the Emmys. Adam Levine sort of snitched her out on Fallon last night, but it’s still nowhere near the Travolta levels of name butchering.

That said, I really wish this video would’ve actually given some sort of explanation for the name flub instead of just mentioning it and moving on to finger clapping. I only say that because you people deserve a proper explanation and I know you’re dying to understand the inner-workings of the Hollywood mind. I don’t lose sleep over such things, but I strive to provide you with quality answers to these biting questions.

What you do get in this video is a proper explanation of that one finger clap Stefani supposedly made “a thing” and a nice comparison between the Emmy Awards and The VMA Awards. The big difference? Butts. A whole lot of butts just wiggling and jiggling all over the red carpet.

(Via Late Night)