Gwyneth Paltrow Is Selling Clutches With Biggie And Tupac’s Names On Them Because Nothing Is Sacred

Hip-hop is about making money off the ashes of the fallen warriors who paved the way for its success. Wait, that doesn’t sound right… let me try again. Hip-hop is best when it can be monetized and sold on the street like a lifeless hooker. No, no. That’s not right. Hip-hop – at its best – is a powerful art form that can entertain, educate, and lift the masses with its powerful poetry. Yup, there we go.

Some people get confused when they try to bottle hip-hop into one fragrance, and that’s because rap music has many scents; it can’t be easily contained nor described. Despite that quality, along will come those who believe they can market, manage, and, yes, even mangle the genre for the sake of a quick buck. Enter the newest human to do such a thing: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her website,, is selling a clutch collection with the names Shady, Hov, Biggie, and Tupac emblazoned on them. For just under $1,700, you can get a gaudy-looking accessory and effectively heave your pimp-hand against the face of all that is hip-hop. Paltrow thinks she has swag because she hangs out with Jay Z, but no amount of rap legend friends makes it okay to make money off the names of deceased hip-hop icons – that’s just not kosher.

Boo this woman. Boo her!

(via GOOP)