Haim’s ‘Little Of Your Love’ Makes The Leap From Pop-Rock To Pure Pop

Contributing Writer

Even with a few singles out from Haim’s upcoming album Something To Tell You, it’s not obvious what direction the sister trio are heading in. Is the album more of the same Fleetwood-indebted rock that made them into indie darlings? Will it be nothing but heartfelt love (and anti-love) songs like “Night So Long” and “Right Now?” With the release of this new track — the Trainwreck-inspired “Little Of Your Love”– it seems like a through-line can finally be drawn. Haim are trying on a lot of different sounds, but they’re all bigger and poppier than anything they’ve done before.

“Love” sounds like a song that was written for a pop starlet, then stretched tight over the frame of a three-piece band. The verses feature solo vocals and yearning lyrics that could easily slot into any Top 40 playlist. But when the chorus ramps up into a three-part harmony it makes their latest single sound unique and uniquely them. It’s the perfect midway point between Haim’s former status as beloved blog band and indie vibes playlist fodder and their inevitable rise to becoming genuine, all-over pop stars. Give it a listen up top.

Something To Tell You is out on July 7 via Columbia.

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