Watch Haim Tease Their New Album With An Epic Drum Sequence

Contributing Writer

Well, that didn’t take long. After billboards scattered throughout the world promised that Haim was very much alive and considering dropping the long-awaited follow-up to Days Are Gone, it looks like we’ll finally get to hear some of that new music a week from today. The trio shared a video of a drum solo that ended in a title card that reveals that something is coming on April 27.

Haim fans, of course, noted it with a measured “neat” before moving on.

The drum solo adds to the pile of snippets that fans have been sustaining themselves on since Days Are Gone dropped. Last May, the group debuted two songs — “Give Me Just A Little Bit Of Your Love” and “Nothing’s Wrong” –that we’re assuming will land on whatever the new album will be called. We’re also going to go ahead and say that they’re awesome cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U” isn’t going to make the cut.

Either way, we should all be excited about this album that Haim has been steadily teasing since last spring. It’s really happening, you guys. An after the album drops the Sisters Haim can finally get to work on their real passion project: bringing back Lilith Fair.

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