Haim Covers A Prince Classic And Debuts Two Songs During First Stop Of Summer Tour

Lilith Fair bringer-backers Haim have an album coming out soon, their first since Days Are Gone was released in 2013 and Este, Danielle, and Alana subsequently became Taylor Swift’s best friends. In the teaser announcing the album, the band said, “We’ve just been in the studio for so long… At this point, we just wanna go out there and play the songs live.” They got their wish last night when they kicked off their tour at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California. Haim performed two new songs, “Nothing’s Wrong” and “Give Me Just a Little of Your Love.” You can hear both of those tracks below, as well as a bathed-in-purple cover of the Prince stunner, “I Would Die 4 U.”

Haim actually jammed with Prince at the SNL 40 after-party last year, where they were joined on-stage by Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short, Bill Murray, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Emma Stone, among others. (Prince began the song by saying, “Dearly inebriated,” a tipsy nod to “Let’s Go Crazy.”)

Peep to see if Haim is coming to a music festival near you (they probably are, with brand new merch), and check out the new music below.

“I Would Die 4 U”

“Give Me Just a Little Bit of Your Love”

“Nothing’s Wrong”